Voyage Through AMPK

These examples were made using the mMaya plugin as an experiment with this software.  I chose AMPK as the protein of interest as I did research on it for a number of years, however any protein that has a crystal structure can be viewed in this way.


These are stills from the film “Chromonema”.  The film was created as part of my Masters in Animation and Visualisation project at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in 2012.  It was inspired by drawings from the book “Principles of Embryology”, written by Conrad Hal Waddington in 1956.

Click here to view chromonema.

The Epigenetic Landscape

These stills are from a short animation of “The Epigenetic Landscape”  made as a collaboration between myself, Link Li, a fellow Masters student, and Dr. Paul Harrison from the Visual Research Centre at The University of Dundee.  This work formed part of a project that Dr. Harrison is working on as Artist in Residence for the European consortium of scientists EpiGeneSys.

The Cube of Knowledges

This model is taken from Prof. Macdonalds paper entitled, “The Cube of Knowledges: Towards a Symbolic Library” and was developed as part of my Master’s research. In this paper Macdonald develops a very smart model based around art, science and the aesthetic, which consists  of a “cube” that expresses links and separations between disciplines or ways of thinking.  Having discussed this with Prof. Macdonald, we agreed that I should make an animation of his cube idea.

One response

16 11 2012

Hey Mhairi, love the Chromonema film. Can you explain to me what lampbrush chromosomes do?

Julie Farr (Samuel)

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