Careers at Curie

1 04 2013


Last weekend I was invited to the Curie Institut in Paris to attend a career brunch as part of the 9th Course on Epigenetics.  Masters students, PhD students and postdocs from across Europe joined together for a week of training as part of the EpiGeneSys consortium.  The career brunch was held on Saturday lunchtime and included presenters from different scientific backgrounds, including those who had gone down the traditional academic route as well as those with a less conventional path, like myself, a scientific animator or Alysia vandenBerg, manager of training and education at the Curie.

It was great to meet such an enthusiastic group of young scientists, most of whom weren’t sure what direction they would like their careers to take yet.  Of course I had no idea when I was studying for a PhD that I would end up in scientific animation so I reassured them that all would become clear……

Here are some photos from the event and many thanks go to the career brunch organising committee for inviting me to attend (Tanguy Lucas, Salome Adam, Antione Campagne, Marie Clemot, Arnaud De Muyt, Dan Filipescu, Micol Guidi, Sebastian Muller and Laura Roseaulin).




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