Women Ahead Independent Woman of the Year Award 2013!

11 03 2013


Delighted to be awarded with this title at the weekend at the Women Ahead Awards held at the Apex hotel in Dundee.  Although the award is for Independent woman we all know I have had a lot of help from others so thanks to all those who have contributed to Vivomotion in some way.


Independent Woman of the Year Award

The Independent Woman of the Year Award will be presented to a director, consultant or sole trader of a one-woman business with entrepreneurial spirit who can demonstrate a high level of skill/practice in her chosen business/profession and drive and ambition to determine the success and long term viability of the business.

The successful candidate will be a woman of exceptional achievement, demonstrating excellent performance in her business or profession, great communication skills and an ability to build strong relationships with suppliers and clients.

Her business should be achieving success, be financially sound and have a strategy for future growth.

Here is the rest of the committee, which I recently joined.  They did a wonderful job organising the event for 272 people from across Dundee and Angus.  All coordinated by chair person, Wendy Maltman, host for the event.




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