Sponsor of the Graduate Enterprise Fellowship

20 10 2012

Pictured below, Mhairi explains the background of Vivomotion to Bruce Linton, Chairman of James Keiller Estates and sponsor of the Graduate Enterprise Fellowship scheme and The Enterprise Gym, in the new office space at Greenhouse+.



Vivomotion moves into Enterprise Gym Incubator

2 10 2012

An exciting week for Vivomotion as founder Mhairi Towler moves into a new office space at the Greenhouse Incubator at The Enterprise Gym, in the centre of Dundee University campus.  Mhairi is the first to benefit from the Bruce Linton Graduate Enterprise Fellowship, a competitive new scheme offered through The Enterprise Gym, to help start-up companies get off the ground.  Pictured below is Mhairi, receiving the “key to success” from director of The Enterprise Gym, Ken Edward.