About Us

We have moved, find us now at http://www.vivomotion.co.uk!

Vivomotion is a science animation production company, based in Dundee, which offers a high quality bespoke service of 3D animated graphics for visual communication of science.  The service can be used by: academics, biotech/pharmaceutical/medical device companies, science centres and schools.

Through the medium of animation, stories of science are literally “brought to life”, allowing visualisation of the previously unseen, whether for conference talks, marketing or educational purposes.  Customised animations are developed with the client, from concept, through storyboarding, production and delivery of a digital solution.  A by-product of the animation process is art, in the form of digital prints that are available for purchase.

No matter what area of science you work in, if you have an idea you would like to visualise, get in touch by e-mail (mhairi@vivomotion.co.uk) and we can get started!

Integrating Art and Science for communication

Use of animations will bring value in an academic setting by:

  • Increasing students understanding and learning – reflected in University league tables
  • Increasing scientists understanding of scientific concepts and refinement of hypotheses
  • Making an impact at international scientific conferences
  • Increasing public awareness of science and increasing impact status of University
  • Enhancing lab websites appeal to viewers

Use of animations will bring value in a commercial setting by:

  • Increasing sales
  • Helping to gain investment/communicate with investors
  • Helping to communicate technology/mechanism of action
  • Increasing return on marketing investment
  • Increasing awareness of brand
  • Increasing company impact – social responsibility

See the following movie created by Sarah Dargie describing the process involved in making animations with Vivomotion.

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